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Cut Video: How to Avoid or Fix Audio/Video Out-of-Sync Issues

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After cutting a video, many a times it happens when the audio and video go out of sync. This problem can be noticed quickly when the video gets played on a number of players. However, some video players try to fix the A/V sync problem by pausing the video for a moment, while the audio keeps running. But this is not the correct way to fix the sync because the video itself still remains unsynced. It doesn't matter whether you use Lightworks, Shotcut, or ffmpeg as video cutters. The problem can still find a way to get in the videos processed by any of these software programs. If you want to fix this video cutting trouble within minutes, keep reading this article.

Possible Reasons for the Audio/Video Sync Problem

Some of the possible reasons for the audio/video sync problems after video cutting are given below.

1. Bugs of Video Cutter Software: Video cutter software may have bugs which prevent encoding the videos with correct audio timestamps. As a result the final output video will have audio/video sync problems.

2. Longer Videos: Some video cutters are totally incapable of processing 4K ultra high definition, high bitrate and large sized videos. However they are advertised to work with videos of any length. But when you try to cut long videos with such video cutters, they may not function properly and produce sync problems in the output video file.

3. Wrong Settings or Cutting Procedure: While cutting a video many cutters provide settings which should be customized properly. Many of these applications provide direct A/V sync options which should be checked. You should also check the source video's audio profiles, its sample rates, channel configuration, and audio codecs.

These settings should remain similar or exactly the same in the output video too. Failing to do so may return the A/V sync error in the final cut video. Secondly if you cut a video in a wrong way like cutting a small part from a very large video will also cause the sync problems. So, experiment with different settings to find the best configuration.

4. Frame Rate of Source Video: If the frame rate of the source video is not correct, it might be already suffering from audio/video sync issues itself. When you cut a video, the output file will have the same sync issues.

Suggested Solutions to Fix Audio/Video Sync Issues

We are suggesting some solid solutions which will help you in fixing the audio/video sync problems.

Solution 1: Trust the Capability of Your Player

If you have an advanced video player (hardware), this problem will be auto-fixed. Some players have algorithms to detect timestamp errors and they correct it automatically. Some software players also provide the options of 'Track Synchronization' which offers audio delay. But this is a manual intervention which is to be taken care of by yourself in case of software players. On most players the problem goes undetected and finally it remains unresolved. So, if you aren't lucky enough to have an advanced player, you should move to the next solution below.

Solution 2: Easily Sync Audio and Video With VideoProc

So far, this is the best and highly reliable solution to fix the audio/video sync problems. In this part we are going to use VideoProc which is very much capable of tackling such A/V sync related issues.

Simply load a video in VideoProc, then click the 'Rotate' button in the video's toolbar section. This will open audio and video options. Simply put a check on "Recalculate Time Stamp (Force A/V Sync)" or adjust "Audio Delay" by changing seconds value. You can check the preview too to validate the fix.

recalculate time stamp

Solution 3: [To Avoid] Switch to an Error-Free Solution Recut the Video File Using VideoProc. Without Audio/Video Delay At All

VideoProc is an all-in-one powerful video processing software. For all your video editing and converting needs VideoProc provides the best features in a single package.

Here are some of the killer features of VideoProc.

  • Edit any video of any format with built-in tools like crop, cut, resize, A/V sync, merge, video effects etc.
  • Provides a built-in media converter which lets you convert videos to different formats. You can also upscale or downscale videos.
  • Uses world's number 1 compression technology without compromising the video quality.
  • The only known video processing software to fully utilize GPU acceleration to speed up the video encoding or decoding.
  • Easily process 4K/UHD videos from your GoPro, DJI, iPhone, and other digital cameras.
  • With the built-in video downloader engine you can download online media from nearly 1000+ audio video sites. This list also includes adult sites.
  • However, these are just the killer features. For a complete list of VideoProc features, you should check out this link – VideoProc Features.

Download VideoProc on Windows

Download VideoProc on Mac

VideoProc: How to Cut a Video without Error

This tutorial is a 100 percent working fix to the audio/video sync problem which arises because of wrongly cutting a video. Please follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Open VideoProc and click 'Video' and then click '+Video' to load a video.

Step 2. Click the 'Target Format' button to select the output video format. Double click any video format to customize its settings.

choose target format

Step 3. Once the video gets loaded click the 'Cut' option to launch the video cutter function.

click cut button

Step 4. Here you will see two green markers. Move these markers close or away from each other to set the length which is to be cut.

cut video

Step 5. You can also have multiple cuts at a time, move the markers to a different position then hit the '+Cut' button to cut another part from the video. The cut videos are by-default merged.

Step 6. Click 'Browse' just next to 'Output Folder' in the right side options panel and select the output location.

Step 7. Finally click 'Run' to start the video cutting process. Check the output folder once the process gets over.

The output video files will be totally free from audio, video syncing issues.

Final Thoughts

So you just have learned to fix the audio video sync issues with this wonderful article. Remember that not all video processing software will be able to fix such issues. That's why we hope that for such bothersome problems you'll always see VideoProc as the number one troubleshooter while keeping its killer features in mind. You can download VideoProc from the links given below. Use the software yourself to see how best does it works for you.

  1. Download VideoProc on Windows
  2. Download VideoProc on mac

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