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Join Different Format and Resolution Videos in One Easily

Have you watched the new MV of I Fell In Love With The Devil released by Avril Lavigne recently? She definitely is an iconic singer for the ’80s and the 90’s generations.

Therefore, an idea occurred to my friend that he is going to join some Avril old songs into a big video to remind people what great jobs she had done, but her popular songs like Girlfriend and Complicated stored in DVD with an only maximum resolution of 480p, the same on YouTube. And he is worrying whether the low resolution of old MV will damage the quality of post-production video at all. This post is going to address the problem of combing videos in different formats and resolution with no quality loss on VideoProc.

VideoProc is a one-stop video processing software helping people to deal with their videos. There are piles of video output formats you can select, covering MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI and more. Therefore, you are allowed to select a suitable one for your sources. Besides, you can also change the video resolution up to 4K while merging them. The most glaring thing is that you can combine various video/audio/subtitle tracks into one MKV file.

More than a video combiner, it is a one-stop video processing software helping people to edit and convert their videos. It impresses users on features like 4K video editing, video converting, hardware acceleration and more. The most significant point is that it is rather user-friendly, demanding little train to master the application.

How to Merge Videos That Are Different in Formats and Resolutions

Step One - Download VideoProc

Download, install and launch VideoProc, there are four major parts on the main interface, they are Video Processing, DVD Conversion and Backup, Video Downloader and Video Recorder. The goal of the post is to combine videos into one, so click the camera icon on the left.

VideoProc main interface

Step Two - Add Videos You Are Going to Combine

From the top of the interface, select videos or video files you are going to join, whether they are 720p/1080p/2160p videos in MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, M4V or other formats; VideoProc also allows you to adjust your playback sequences, you just click the "up" and "down" icon on the right.

Add video files

Step Three - Select Output Resolution and Format

When you have loaded all your video files, the next step is to click the options icon on the right, move to "Resolution" and select "keep original", and then hit "Apply To All", this operation is able to keep all merged parts in their highest resolution without any damage to the rest. When returns to the main UI, tick "Merge" on the right and choose an output format for your video that fits the uploaded website (MP4 is the most compatible one). You are allowed to select formats from the bottom of the interface named "Video", if you are not satisfied with these formats, click the "Target Format" on the left side, there are more hidden formats inside.

Resolution setting

Step Four – Run and Wait

The last step is to click the "RUN" icon and wait a moment. With the help of Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, VideoProc returns you a satisfying video in a few minutes

Select format and generate

Final Words

VideoProc has been trying to simplify video-processing steps for users, what you can learn from above is that it takes a few steps to join videos in different formats and resolution together. Actually, VideoProc is more than that. It allows you to add filters, watermarks, subtitle files and other effects with hardware acceleration, which saves a lot time for you.


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