Video Cutter and Merger

All You Need for Cutting l Merging 4K Videos - VideoProc has Got it Covered.

  • Precisely cut and merge multiple videos even without quality loss.
  • Support a wide range of formats: H.264, HEVC, MKV and 100 other more.
  • Full GPU accelerated: up to 47x real-time faster video processing.
  • Straightforward interface: easy for beginner to grip with.

How to Cut 4K Videos l How to Merge High Quality Videos?

Cut and Merge are two most common need tools for editing our loved footages. To get basic editing work done, we can ask help from professional software like Premiere Pro or lightweight editors like VideoProc.

How to Cut Videos before Merging Them?
Many of our memorable moments are scattered in different videos and dimed with many redundant clips. Thus we often need to cut videos before merging them into one for making the shared moments to YouTube, Instagrams more attractive...

Video Cutter - Tutorials, Errors and Fixes

Cut/Split a Video and Export Files in Different Formats and Names
Searching for a solution to cut video files and export them in different formats? Here's your rapid fix to save cut clips into whatever devices compatible formats you require for.
Alisa Cassiel July 24, 2019 Video Cutting Editor
Cut Multiple Videos into Clips and Merge Them into One
This guide offers an effortless solution to cut and merge video clips on Mac or Windows; you can cut clips from MP4 MKV AVI YouTube footages and merge clips together.
Farrah Penn July 17, 2019 Cut and Merge Video
How to Cut Videos Accurately by Frame?
Looking for some ways for accurate and precise video cutting? Follow this guide and make yourself cut videos per second and frame, with just 5 steps...
Farrah Penn July 15, 2019 Video Cutting Editor
Cut Videos without A/V Out of Sync
Cut a video but the audio and video go out of sync? There are reasons and solutions suggested to avoid and fix such issue in 4K UHD / long video trimming...
Farrah Penn June 11, 2019 Video Cutting Editor

People Also Ask

How to Cut Video into Parts and Save into Different Folder?
Cut a Video into Multiple Parts with Different Length.
1, Click Video icon and tape +Video to add video.
2, Create labled folders.
Automatically Split Video into Even Parts.
1, Drag the knobs on two ends of the video
2, Click Cut button on the right.
More items... Jul 24, 2019
Easy Steps to Cut Video into Parts and Save into Different Folders
Why Quality Diminishes after Merging Videos with Subtitles?
The process of hard burning subtitles onto a video is not as simple as what we have seen. As we all know, videos always stored using lossy compression to reduce the file size. Taking H.264 as an example, it never saves all frames of a video but keeping only I-frame complete and compressed. In-between the two I-frames, there are plenty of predicted frames called P-frame and B-frame. When hard burning subtitles onto a video, video editor we use has to re-encode the source footage for adding the subtitles to each frame. And if you want know How to get rid of quality loss after this process,you can learn more in this article...July 20, 2019 Tips for Avoiding Quality Loss after Merging Videos with Subtitles.

Video Merger – Tutorials, Errors and Fixes

Combine Video with Different Formats and Resolutions
The tutorial shows you how to combine videos that hold different formats mp4 avi mov and resolution 720p 1080p 4k into one without quality loss.
Farrah Penn July 17, 2019 Video Merger

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